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U.K.-Diploma in Hotel Management

a.The Program
This Diploma in Hotel Management is accredited by the Confederation of Tourism,Hotel & Catering Management(CTHCM) and endorsed by the Hotel and Catering International Management Association(HCIMA).

The successful completion of the Diploma will lead to a highly respected hotel management qualification,and for those interested in continuing their education,to advanced entry onto a variety of hospitality and tourism degree courses at a wide range of British Universities.This route will allow you to obtain and internationally recognized degree and save thousands of pounds.The program also includes a guaranteed period of paid work experience.

b.Entry Qualification
Registration is limited to students of minimum 18 years of age who have completed secondary education and whose English language level is at least Upper Intermediate,i.e. IELTS Examination 5.0 OR TOEFL Examination score 460 any equivalent that can demonstrate a resonable level of the English Langauge.

Canada Oil Rig Training Course

a.The Program
Our Petroleum Training College trains you for an oil and gas industry career and train on an oiling in Canada to gain hands-on experience.The oil and gas industry requires Floor Hands(Roughnecks).Our Petroleum Training College provides the direction and opportunity for you in the oil and gas industry and has set a standard for excellence in safety and world class hands-on training.

b.Employment Opportunities
Many production and well-servicing companies recognize that our Petroleum Training College provides quality training that prepares you for a successful career in the oil and gas industry.

c.Our Certificate Program
Our Petroleum Training College offers a certificate program in oilfield training that provides an opportunity for unskilled individuals to take advantage of quality hands-on training to begin a successful career in the oil and gas industry.This program provides the knowledge and skills to work safely and productively as part of an oiling team.Mandatory H2S Alive and 2-day Standard First Aid with Level A are given.Potential earnings for an individual starting in this dynamic industry are very high.

The Roughneck Course
This fourteen day intensive hands-on course certifies and prepares students to work on oil rigs at the entry level.It is a physically demanding program that provides a practical,hands-on,challenging training environment.Students acquire the mental and physical conditioning with and emphasis on safety.The course content includes knowledge and skills in rig components,hoisting systems,rotary,kelly,the circulating system and safety procedures.

The Canadian drilling and service industry has had consistent activity over the past several years.This activity is driving labor demand and the need for properly trained entry level workers.The Institute has supplied hundreds of trained personnel to the drilling and well servicing industry over the past seven years.The Institute and its graduates are highly by industry.Successful completion of the Floor-Hand course creates strong employment opportunity.

Welding Course in New Zealand

a.The Program
This program is provided by one of the leading welding and technical training providers in the South Pacific.The course has a very high practical content and the delivery of the program has the areas that are very relevant to industry needs.

b.Entry Qualifications
Registration is limited to students of minimum 18 years of age.Preferable school final,lesser qualifications too are accepted.Candidates need to have some working knowledge of the English language ,have good eyesight and physically mobility and be mature in outlook.

c.The Course
Candidates to choose Level 3 or Level 4,based on their current qualification.

i.Certificate in Welding and Fabrication:Level 3
The Candidates will start a successful welding career in just 14 weeks with our Certificate in Welding and Fabrication Skill Course.Starting with the basics,the candidates will progress through to advanced levels in the following welding techniques:

a.Manual Metal Arc(Stick)
b.Gas Metal Arc(MIG)
c.Gas Tungsten Arc Welding(TIG)

The candidate will also learn additional skills required by the industry:

a.Drawing interpretation
b.Marking out
c.Gas and Plasma cutting
d.Arc Air and Plasma gouging
e.Workshop skills
f.Communication skills

d.Duration:14 weeks
This fulltime welding course is designed to assist the candidates in the following areas:

a.Gain welding and fabrication skills
b.Obtain internationally recognized Welding Tickets/Certificates
c.Secure an apprenticeship(conditions apply)
d.find permanent employment

e.Completion of Program
On successful completion of the course,the candidates can hold internationally recognized Welding Tickets/Skill Cerificates,as well as 76 credits from the National Qualifications Framework.

ii.The Certificate in Advanced Welding(Level 4)
Candidates can enhance their existing welding skills in just 14 weeks with the Certificate in Advanced Welding course.After a quick review of techniques learned during the previous course,the candidates will be able to spend a lot more time on:

a.Aluminum MIG Welding techniques
b.Stainless Steel TIG Welding
c.ASME IX Pipe Welding
d.Marking out of steel and development work
e.Fabrication skills

The NZ Welding School is accredited by NZQA and approved by the Ministry of Education to deliver courses in Welding and Computer Aided Design(CAD)

f.Get the Skills You Need
Successful students from this course can expect traineeships in Fabrication(Light Welding).With these highly desirable skills,the candidates should also be able to find employment in the Welding Engineering Industry,either nationwide or overseas.Workshop skills are included in the course to give trainees a solid introduction to light fabrication.During the course,trainees are expected to complete several different projects that involve the following skills:

e.Gas cutting
g.Sheetmetal work

Study and Work:Hospitality Industry

a.The Program

Students will be enrolled into an Executive Diploma in Hotel Management and Operation program awarded by IPD-Open University,Malaysia.The program is approved by the Education Ministry of Malaysia and has been designed to incorporate an extensive practical on the job training to better prepare students for the real working environment.Selected Students shall attend classes and perform practical on the job training as to stimulate the actual environment and modules of their studies with the sponsoring companies during the entire two years duration of the course.

b.The Benefits

a.Interview & Grooming Course
b.Basic Hospitalization benefit
c.Duty meals allowance white on shift
d.Visa Application for foreingn students
e.Orientation Tour
f.Medical Leave,one day per month(upon 3 months confirmation)

i.6 days work week,8 hours per shift(one off day per week)
ii.Allowance from RM800 to RM1000 per month


i.3 hours a week
ii.One module every two months
iii.Assignment based

These are the general benefits,and these may differ according to the employer's contract of service.

c.The Criteria

i.Age 18 to 28
ii.School leavers with Minimum SLC
iii.Pleasant personality and independent
iv.With/without experience
v.Able to converse in English
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